The Campaign #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021



The Winner!


The brief simple, creative and fun. So the winners were judged on just this. There were some gorgeous entries and it was difficult to choose, but finally it was these two objectives that were the decider.


First Place

First and foremost, this photo of @angiecrammer Angela and her boyfriend is fun. I laughed when I looked at the happiness in their faces, scrunched up in the harsh snowy, cold, windy weather up a mountain. Evan had taken Angela for birthday sundowners in a snowstorm and actually took a photo to record their happy moment, which is now frozen in history. They deserve a warm bed and cosy room and some champagne for the next sundowners. 


Runner Up – 2nd Place

Doy clearly put some effort into this. It was certainly one of the most creative shots in the competition using artistic ingredients to portray her love for Italy and delicious Italian food. Doy will receive a paraglide flight for two.


Runner Up – 3rd place

Cocker Noodle Noo is so very cute! This image is both creative and fun and this pup definitely deserves to share the runners up chocolates with their owner.

Melody Sky, Photographer | Filmmaker

The winner:

The runners-up


 Say, write, draw, shout or even whisper those three words.

Saying ‘I love you’ means so much, to both the person saying it and the person hearing it. 

Capture the experience

Take a photo that captures the experience, or find a pic of a past special and intimate memory, it should communicate the experience, be creative and fun.

*If you are taking a new pic, remember to respect the latest Covid regulations for your area or country.

share the love to win a prize

Share across social media and hashtag the pic #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021

To have a chance of winning the prize @mention/tag and follow the @tellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 feed on Instagram, failure to do this means no entry.

What is the campaign about?

It is simple, it’s about telling someone you love them, capturing the experience & sharing the love, and we’ll also throw in a fabulous competition prize – a night in a 4*hotel & a luxuriously alpine champagne and paraglide experience!


What are we asking, and who are we asking?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is when people think about telling someone special they love them. We are asking anyone and everyone, not just couples, from all over the world to tell at least one person they love and appreciate them. *It doesn’t have to be in the romantic sense, it could be to a very good friend, close family member, a pet or even someone you work with.

What we want people to experience?

Everyone deserves to hear the three short words, ‘I Love you’. Telling someone you love them only takes a second but the joy and pleasure it brings is priceless and can last forever – we want everyone to experience this feeling. It doesn’t need to be said face-to-face nor in a romantic sense either – it is the ultimate Socially Distant Experience for all.

Why the campaign?

The last 12 months has been hard for everyone, being away from loved ones, losing someone close, not just from Covid, but here in the Alps from avalanches too – this campaign is something positive. You shouldn’t just wait to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day, you should say it whenever you think it as you never know when it might be too late. We want everyone, not just couples, to tell at least one person they love and appreciate them.




Win a night in a 4* boutique hotel with a luxury champagne experience and paraglide flight for two in the exclusive ski resort of Verbier, Switzerland!

The extremely talented adventure travel photographer Melody Sky will choose one lucky winner. 


Melody be judging the photos based on

  • creativity
  • sense of fun
  • how the #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 experience is communicated


We have put together a fabulous prize for one lucky winner and a friend to enjoy.

The competition will run from 9am CET 14th February 2021 to 9pm CET 28th February 2021 – to enter the competition, don’t forget to tag your picture with #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 and @mention the @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 instagram feed – if you don’t @mention the feed, we won’t have seen you therefore won’t have added you into the competition. To have a chance of your photo being featured on the competition feed, follow the instagram profile @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021.

Melody will select the winner during the week following the competition.

If you are the lucky winner, we’ll contact you within a week after the competition close date, and we’ll also announce the winner on the instagram feed @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021.

*The prize will be available for use up until December 20th 2021, Terms and conditions for this prize are at the bottom of this page

The rise of the Socially Distant Experience

We define a Socially Distant Experience as a special and intimate moment shared between two or more people, such as a close friend, a family member, a husband or wife, it could even be a pet or someone you work with – someone who is important to you, who makes you smile, someone who makes getting up in the morning worthwhile.

Long before Covid and Social Distancing was a thing, we were organising luxuriously alpine socially distant experiences and while Covid regulations will (hopefully) become a thing of the past, intimate, socially distant experiences are here to stay.

While Covid coined the term ‘social distancing’, it doesn’t have to define its meaning for the future.

Luxuriously alpine socially distant experiences


Before Covid-19 and social distancing, we had started to notice a shift away from people wanting big weddings or large anniversary and birthday parties, and our clients were moving towards wanting intimate experiences they could share with loved ones, so we adapted our experiences to reflect this.

Weddings for a couple plus two witnesses, anniversaries and birthdays shared with best pals instead of hundreds of friends – these are the experiences that we now call ‘socially distant experiences’.

Once Covid restrictions die down, while some may go back to crowded nightclubs and large parties, socially distant experiences will remain.

Small, intimate experiences in fresh alpine air away from the masses; flying to remote parts of the mountain; ice bars with epic views of snow-capped peaks and sun-kissed valleys; proposing on a glacier with champagne and roses; romantic picnics in the snow – these are just some of the things that we organise for clients.

Our ‘socially distant experiences’ in the Alps are romantic, exciting, luxurious and exclusive, we love organising them and we love it even more when people tell each other they love them! For more information watch the video below see our instagram profile @aboveandbeyondvip_verbier or Visit our homepage.




The #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 campaign isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, it’s for life


Here’s to hearing ‘I Love You’ more often and creating new and happy memories for the future



…and don’t forget to #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021

Terms and conditions of the competition and prize:

The contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram.  The organiser of the competition is Above & Beyond VIP

The competition will start at 9am CET 14th February 2021, and will end at 9pm CET 28th February 2021.

There are no location restrictions for entry, however the winner must be able to travel to Verbier, Switzerland at the arranged booking time and at their own cost in order to claim the prize.

Entrants and participants in the experience must be over the age of 18 in order to claim the prize.

The whole experience – which includes a tandem paraglide flight, a night in a hotel room, and a champagne experience and box of chocolates for two in Verbier – must be booked and have taken place before December 20th 2021. This must be booked well in advance to guarantee the booking, as the dates the winner may book will be according to availability of all the suppliers. The winner and friend must take part in the experiences at the same time, they will not be available for each to take part separately.

The prize includes one night in Experimental Chalet in Verbier, a superior room with terrace for two people, including breakfast – if the winner and friend wish to stay longer this will be at their own cost. The winner should contact Above & Beyond VIP to discuss the booking +41766809018.

The alpine champagne experience by Above & Beyond VIP will look similar to the photo but might not be exactly the same, it includes a bottle of champagne, the brand of which will be according to availability in the Above & Beyond cave, and a box of heart caramel chocolates, hand made by the master chocolatier of la Chocolaterie de Verbier. The organiser reserves the right to choose where the experience will take place, and whether as a result of bad weather it needs to be altered or moved to a different day. The experience will last an hour and will take place during day light under standard working hours, if the winner wants to add time or any additional items, then this will need to be booked and paid for by the winner in advance. NB: Snow is dependent on the weather and time of year the experience is booked.

The winner will have to pay for their own travel to and from Verbier, including their travel to and from the experiences and all accommodation, costs outside those offered in the prize must be covered by the winner. The paraglide flight and champagne experience is weather dependent, the date could change as a result of adverse weather conditions, both are also subject to Covid restrictions. It it could also be possible to combine these experiences and paraglide down to the champagne experience.

The winner must ensure that they conform to all COVID restrictions with regards to travel and any local rules in place. There will be no reimbursement in the event of cancellation.  The winner and friend must ensure they have the necessary insurance in the event of cancellation of their entire trip, and insurance that covers both the winner and their friend for the experiences offered.

The organiser reserves the right to revise the competition duration at any time without any prior notification. All entries received outside the competition period will be disqualified, as will all entries that fail to include both the #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 hashtag and @mention the competition instagram profile @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021.

Entries may be included in the competition instagram feed, to increase your chance of being featured, follow the @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 instagram feed.