Socially distant ‘Haute Cuisine’ experiences

Our aim is to provide you with socially distant experiences that are exciting, fun, innovative and above all safe.


Long before COVID-19 or the idea of ‘social distancing’ came along, we were organising socially distant experiences.

What did we mean by this? Exciting and memorable experiences, micro-events and adventures in the Alps away from the masses – be it on top of glaciers, or on a mountain peak, or simply in an amazing spot with endless views of the mountains and no other people in sight.

What do we mean by this now? Well, very little has changed to the overall experiences we organise, just that we have added important additional measures with regards to masks, hand sanitiser, group sizes, temperature checking, and distancing…  

Above all, the safety of our clients and staff is paramount – if there is anything else we can do to make you feel safer, then please just let us know.


How do we keep you safe and happy?

The ‘rules’ are different in each country and often in each region within each country, so we are constantly changing how we work to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible. 

Sticking to the instructions provided by the authorities with regards to social distancing, hand washing, masks and limiting group numbers in private and public spaces is a given. 

However, we don’t just stop there, we also require temperatures to be taken before any experience, plus if there is something else we can do to make you feel safer, just tell us and we will work around your requirements.




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Creating memories

Long lasting memories, fun and excitement, socially distant experiences

No request is too extreme

You ask and we’ll deliver… no height is too much, we’ll fly up our kitchen to the top of the glacier and prepare you a feast at high altitude.

Go Above & Beyond…

exclusive Alpine food EXPERIENCES & ITINERARIES

Once in a life time experiences that respect social distancing and leave you with long lasting memories of the Alps.


We offer an exclusive hotel, chalet & travel booking service, providing you with our hand-selected choice that matches your requirements.


We take you away from the crowds, for the ultimate socially distant dining experience, romantic moment or celebration.

Social distancing taken seriously.

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